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  • Every two years Blue Vision Summits bring diverse groups and individuals from the marine conservation community together in Washington, D.C. to explore new avenues for solutions to the challenges facing our public seas.
  • Summits are attended by individuals and organizations that work towards improving ocean conservation efforts from a variety of approaches including education, restoration, science, business and policy.
  • The Summits provide a unique opportunity for community members to learn from one another and often result in new collaborations.
  • Summits attract and bridge the gaps between citizens, activists, organizations and elected officials.
  • Each Summit includes a visit to Capitol Hill where participants visit the offices of Congress members and convey their support for healthy oceans.
  • It’s critical that we come together as a movement and a growing constituency of marine conservationists, businesses, scientists, recreational users, youth and others to turn the tide for our public seas.


  • July 2004: 250 marine advocates from 23 states came to Washington, D.C.  Speakers included ocean advocates Peter Benchley, Philippe Cousteau, Representative Sam Farr, and Ralph Nader.
  • March 2009: 400 people form 250 different organizations came to Washington, D.C. Speakers included: Dr. Roger Payne (Keynote Speaker), Dr. Sylvia Earle, Nancy Sutley (CEQ Director), Representative Sam Farr, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Mike Chrisman (CA Secretary of Resources), Marine Artist Wyland, Bill McKibben, Jim Toomey, David Helvarg, David Guggenheim, Thomas Lovejoy, Carl Safina, Philippe Cousteau.

 This summit demonstrated to the new Obama administration and Congress that there is a strong and diverse constituency ready to work for ocean and coastal protection and restoration. The summit helped build a nationwide network of ocean activists ready to act at the local level to assure passage of effective ocean legislation and encourage the good administrative and agency policies they support.
    • The three key themes of the 2009 Summit were:
      • Solutions that are working at the local, state and regional level and how to expand them
      • Climate and Oceans. How the Marine Community can develop a common voice and plan of action to address fossil fuel fired climate change impacts on the ocean and coastal environment.
      • Federal Legislation. The state of the Ocean Act and how to build an effective national constituency for ocean governance reform.
  • May 2011: Over 400 attendees from around the country came to Washington, D.C. Focused on enactment and enforcement of national ocean policy, addressing climate change impacts and Gulf restoration.

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