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– Theme Dinners

Saturday, May 21st
from 7:30 PM

Topics: Blue Fin Tuna, Plastic Pollution

Theme Dinners took place following the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards Ceremony. Blue Vision participants and sponsors coordinated dinners on ocean-related topics that either incorporated themes that are not on the BVS3 agenda (such as Bluefin Tuna and environmental challenges at the Poles) or that explored in more depth themes that are (like Plastic pollution). The theme dinners were a great networking opportunity and chance to deepen or develop knowledge of a particular topic.

SandyHook SeaLife Foundation and Tag-A-Giant hosted a powerful roundtable discussion on The Future of Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna on Saturday, May 21, 2011 @ 7:30 p.m.

WHAT: The Future of the Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – a discussion and planning session.

WHEN: Saturday May 21 @7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Third floor alcove – Tonic@Quigley’sPharmacy
2036 G Street NW Washington DC
(1 1/2 blocks from the Marvin Center) An alcove was reserved with comfortable sofas around a large coffee table, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Light refreshments were provided.

WHY: The agenda was informal and guests were asked to come with a mission statement; what action steps can your organization offer for the survival of this Bluefin population. Whether it was through scientific field work, political action, PSAs, or film, the question of how we can work together and achieve success was at the forefront.

WHO: Shana Miller (Tag-A-Giant), Steve Stock (Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation), David Wilkinson (Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation), Catherine Kilduff (Center For Biological Diversity), George Schellenger (Status Productions), Thomas Armbruster (SandyHook SeaLife Foundation), Catherine Armbruster (SandyHook SeaLife Foundation), Mary M. Hamilton (SandyHook SeaLife Foundation), and you?

The Commitments Dinner
at the Luskey Eco-pad in Bethesda, MD

We all know about plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on the health of the ocean. The time has come to discuss the solutions.  Guests shared personal commitments to ending plastic pollution in the ocean Рas individuals, and as major stakeholders in ocean health. We asked every attendee to come prepared with ideas, and a commitment Рeither personal, or on the behalf of the organization they represent.

Hosted by Ann Luskey and the Plastic Pollution Coalition
Saturday, May 21st, 7:30
Limit: 65 people
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