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Peter Benchley Awards

Peter Benchley Ocean Awards

The 8th Annual Awards will be held May 14, 2015 in Washington, DC to celebrate our 2015 winners!

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Tickets for the 2015 Awards Dinner are now available!


About the Awards

While there are several prestigious environmental prizes such as the Goldman Prize, until recently no high-profile awards specifically acknowledged the broad range of achievement in the ocean and coastal community.  The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards presented by Blue Frontier Campaign fill this gap, providing a way to celebrate outstanding achievements that lead to the protection of our coasts, oceans, and the communities that depend on them.

Each award to date has included a statue by the marine life artist Wyland who has generously designed a special statue unique to the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards.

Award Categories include: National Stewardship of the Ocean, Exploration, Science, Policy, Media, Christopher Benchley Youth Award, and Hero of the Seas. Given Blue Frontier Campaign’s mission to “promote unity, provide tools to and raise awareness of the solution-oriented seaweed (marine grassroots) community,” the Hero of the Seas Award will continue to be used to raise the profile of a grassroots leader.

We feel these awards are an opportunity for leaders involved in different aspects PeterBenchleyand sectors of ocean work to meet and acknowledge each other and celebrate what we have accomplished and the wonders of our blue world.

The first awards were given at the 2004 Blue Vision Conference in Washington, D.C. where Peter Benchley gave the keynote speech. After he passed away, his wife Wendy Benchley agreed to let BFC title the next awards, held at the Blue Vision Summit in 2009, in his honor. Wendy is a grassroots environmental activist and she and Peter worked together for most of their 43 years of marriage on ocean conservation issues. She is honored that Blue Frontier presented awards in Peter’s name and is pleased that this is now an annual event.

Click here for current and past recipients of the Peter Benchley Ocean Award.


About Peter Benchley

About the Logo
The Peter Benchley Ocean Award logo was designed by marine life artist Wyland. Wyland also designed the award statues which he engraves and donates annually. Blue Frontier Campaign and Wendy Benchley are deeply grateful for these contributions and Wyland’s support of these awards.

Past Ceremonies


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