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50 Ways to Save the Ocean

Digital 50 Ways

BFC’s Digital 50 Ways project, in partnership with Digital Ocean, profiles young people working on marine solutions inspired by our book ’50 Ways to Save the Ocean.’

On November 8 BFC, Digital Ocean and about 200 guests at Pier 39 in San Francisco premiered the half hour ‘Students Saving the Ocean’ video. Sherman’s Lagoon cartoonist Jim Toomey illustrated some examples using the book’s stars Finley the fish and Clawdia the crab while BFC President, David Helvarg, talked. Jim and David were followed by speakers from Digital Ocean who announced an online portal to link young marine scientists’ cutting edge research to the activists and policy makers who by combining best available science to society’s shared values can help expedite solutions for saving our seas. We also heard about solutions to overfishing being worked on at UC Santa Barbara’s Marine Science Institute before going on to demonstrate mammalian schooling behavior at the Aquarium of the Bay.

Please see a preview of the project launch below:

Thanks to Oracle for sponsoring the day. The next day silicon entrepreneur and surf dog Dave Toole, the salty driver behind much of this, gathered 40 folks for a charette on the utility of Digital Ocean and its relationship to larger forces such as Google Ocean and Ocean 1.0 (the actual ocean).

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