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Ocean Explorers

Blue Frontier Campaign’s Seaweed Rebels and Ocean Explorers Roz Savage and Margo Pellegrino are two women effectively raising awareness on the threats the ocean faces and the need for conservation measures.

Raised $11,420 towards the $30,000 target.

Margo Pellegrino

margo photo
photo by June Barnard

Coastal paddler Margo Pellegrino intends to paddle her outrigger canoe from Trenton to New Orleans over three summers to bring the “ocean message” to the inland waterways. She paddled from Trenton to Newark last year, and will paddle from New York City to Chicago this year via the Hudson River, the Erie Canal, and the Great Lakes. In 2016, Margo will go down the Mississippi River to New Orleans.

Along the way, Margo will engage with individuals and organizations to bring media attention to problems confronting our watersheds, coasts, and oceans. The focus will encompass our glaringly obvious water quality issues do to run-off, disposable, single use plastics, and touch on the flooding and vulnerabilities of our river front and coastal cities due to rising seas and intense rains. Margo hopes to engage others to help highlight the impacts of our land-based practices on our water. Together we can actively educate the public who might never step foot on a sandy beach as well as let our elected officials know that there is a growing constituency for our water—from our watersheds  into our rivers, lakes, and bays, to our ocean.


You can find more information about Margo and her paddling at or at her new website paddle4blue  Please consider donating to this intensive 8-9 week media campaign for our rivers, lakes, bays, and ocean. Donate here.

Roz Savage




In 2010, Roz Savage finished the 3rd leg of her Pacific Ocean row (from Tarawa to Australia). She began her journey from San Francisco to Hawaii in 2008, continued from Hawaii to Tarawa in 2009, and has moved a number of constituents around the globe towards more awareness and better individual practices for ocean conservation. Please see for more information.





BFC President, David Helvarg with Ocean Explorers Margo Pellegrino and Roz Savage


Thank you to all who have sponsored and hosted Margo and Roz on their journeys.

Thank you to the Sculpt the Future Foundation for its support of Roz’s Indian Ocean Row.


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