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Saved by the Sea Tour

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Blue Frontier Campaign President David Helvarg’s latest ocean book, a memoir titled Saved by the Sea – A Love Story with Fish will be released by St. Martin’s Press on May 11 2010


Some comments to date:

“Helvarg offers us a glimpse not only of his own amazing and often heart-rending adventures in and around the ocean but also gives insight into the human condition…A great read from an outstanding writer.”

–Philippe Cousteau, Ocean Explorer

“Read Saved by the Sea for pleasure, read it for adventure, read it because it conveys the gift of being allowed to slip into David Helvarg’s world and view the ocean, and humankind, with profound new understanding. But beware: This book has the power to change the way you think about the world, about yourself, and the future of humankind.”

–Sylvia Earle, Ocean Explorer; Author, The World is Blue

” In this powerful story of love, loss, and resolve, Helvarg bares his heart and takes us through his life and across the oceans, letting us see that the antidote to all is simply to have something to believe in, and a cause to serve.”

–Carl Safina, Author, Song for the Blue Ocean

Blue Frontier Campaign will be sending David on a ‘Saved by the Sea’ tour this spring and summer from Boston to San Diego to Seattle and points beyond. The hope is to not only do bookstore appearances but to work with seaweed groups and organizations to stage book parties and media events that can also highlight the work they do every day to protect and restore healthy oceans and coastal communities from sea to shining sea. A dozen blue groups have partnered to date.

Below is the schedule so far:

Boston, MA     May 10-11 (Mon, Tue)

May 11  New England Aquarium 7PM

Mystic Seaport, CT     May 12 (Wed.)

Blunt Building – 6:30 PM

New London, CT     May 13 (Thur.)

U.S. Coast Guard Academy – Lunch Talk

Providence, RI     May 14 (Fri.)

University of Rhode Island – Bayside Campus – Noon

Books on the Square – 7PM

New York City, NY     May 15 – 19 (Sat. – Wed.)

Event TBA

Washington D.C.     May 20 – 25 (Thur. – Wed)

May 21  Politics & Prose Fri.  – 7PM

May 25  NOAA Library, Silver Spring MD – Noon

May 25  Public Citizen book Party – 5-7 PM

Denver/Boulder, CO     May 26 – 29 (Thur. – Sat.)

May 26  Ocean First Divers, Boulder – 7PM

May 27  Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver – 7:30 PM

S.F. Bay Area, CA      June 1 – June 2 (Mon. – Wed.)

May 31  Coppersfield Books, Petaluma  – 7PM

June 1  Kepler’s Books, Palo Alto – 7:30 PM

June 2  Book Passage, Corte Madera – 7PM

San Diego, CA     June 3 – 5 (Thur. – Sat.)

June 3  Warwicks Bookstore, La Jolla  – 7:30 PM

June 4  Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla – 5PM

Los Angeles, CA     June 6-8 (Sun. – Tue.)

June 8  Heal the Bay event

Santa Barbara/Santa Cruz, CA     June 9 – 12 (Thur. – Sat.)

June 9  Museum of Natural History Santa Barbara – 7 PM

June 10  Bookshop Santa Cruz – 7:30 PM

Portland, OR     June 14 – 15 (Mon. – Tue.)

June 14  Powell’s Bookstore Monday – 7PM

June 15   Oregon Shores Ocean Policy Talk – TBD

Petaluma, CA    June 24 (Thur.)

June 23   Copperfield’s Books – 7PM

June 24  Coast Guard Training Center – 1:30 PM

Honolulu, HI – Postponed

San Francisco, CA     July 14-21

July 21   Potrero Branch Library – 6:30 PM

July 14   SF Main Public Library – 6 – 7:30 PM

Long Beach, CA     July 28

Aquarium of the Pacific talk – 7PM

If your group would like to work on the tour, do an independent book event or have David speak about how he was, ‘Saved by the Sea,’ please contact us at

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