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Executive Director

David Helvarg –

david_helvargDavid Helvarg is Executive Director of Blue Frontier and the author of six books: Blue Frontier, The War Against the Greens, 50 Ways to Save the Ocean, Rescue Warriors, Saved by the Sea and The Golden Shore. He is editor of the Ocean and Coastal Conservation Guide, organizer of  ‘Blue Vision’ Summits for ocean activists and the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards (co-hosted with Wendy Benchley), and winner of Coastal Living Magazine’s 2005 Leadership Award and the 2007 Herman Melville Literary Prize. Helvarg worked as a war correspondent in Northern Ireland and Central America, covered a range of issues from military science to the AIDS epidemic, and reported from every continent including Antarctica. An award-winning journalist, he produced more than 40 broadcast documentaries for PBS, The Discovery Channel, and others. His print work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, LA Times, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Popular Science, Sierra, and Parade. He’s done radio work for Marketplace, AP radio, and Pacifica. He has led workshops for journalists in Poland, Turkey, Tunisia, Slovakia and Washington DC. He is a licensed Private Investigator, body-surfer and scuba diver.


Associate Director

Kathleen Collins –

Kathleen is the Associate Director at the Blue Frontier Campaign. Her love of the ocean was sparked at a young age while spending her childhood summers vacationing in mid-coast Maine. Wading through tide pools and exploring the coast left her wanting to know more.  She followed her passion to the University of New England, where she studied Marine Science and Secondary Education receiving a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. The more she learned, the more fascinated she became.

While pursuing her degree, she became increasingly aware of how fragile the oceans can be. She has since become dedicated to ocean conservation, particularly through education. Her main focus and most passionate venture is the study of marine pollution / debris and the varying impacts on marine ecosystems.





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